The HI-3593 from Holt Integrated Circuits is a CMOS integrated circuit for interfacing a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) enabled microcontroller to the ARINC 429 serial bus. The device provides two receivers, each with user-programmable label recognition for any combination of 256 possible labels, 32 x 32 Receive FIFO, 3 prioritylabel quick-access double-buffered registers and analog line receiver. The independent transmitter has a 32 x 32 Transmit FIFO and built-in line driver. The line driver operates from a single 3.3V supply and includes on-chip DC/DC converter to generate the bipolar ARINC 429 differential voltage levels needed to directly drive the ARINC 429 bus. The status of the transmit and receive FIFOs and priority-label buffers can be monitored using the programmable external interrupt pins, or by polling the HI-3593 Status Registers.

Other features include a programmable option of data or parity in the 32nd bit, and the ability to switch the bit-signifiance of ARINC 429 labels. Pins are available with different input resistance and output resistance values which provides flexibility when using external lightning protection circuitry.

The Serial Peripheral Interface minimizes the number of host interface signals resulting in a small footprint device that can be interfaced to a wide range of industry-standard microcontrollers supporting SPI. Alternatively, the SPI signals may be controlled using just four general purpose I/O port pins from a microcontroller or custom FPGA. The SPI and all control signals are CMOS and TTL compatible and support 3.3V operation.

The HI-3593 applies the ARINC 429 protocol to the receivers and transmitter. ARINC 429 databus timing comes from a 1 MHz clock input, or an internal counter can derive it from higher clock frequencies having certain fixed values, possibly the external host processor clock.



  • ARINC specification 429 compliant
  • 3.3V logic supply operation
  • On-chip analog line driver and 2 line receivers connect directly to the ARINC 429 Bus
  • Programmable label recognition for 256 labels
  • 32 x 32 Receive FIFO with Priority Label buffers for each Receive Channel
  • 32 x 32 Transmit FIFO
  • Independent data rates for Transmit and Receive channels
  • 10MHz four-wire Serial Peripheral Interface
  • Label bit-order control
  • 32nd transmit bit can be data or parity
  • Self test mode
  • Low power
  • Industrial and extended temperature ranges available



  • Avionics data communication
  • Serial to parallel conversion
  • Parallel to serial conversion


ADK-3593: HI-3593 ARINC 429 3.3V Dual Receiver, Single Transmitter Evaluation Board

ADK-3593: HI-3593 ARINC 429 3.3V Dual Receiver, Single Transmitter Evaluation Board

The Holt HI-3593 ARINC 429 Evaluation Board can be used to evaluate most of the features of the HI-3593 ARINC Dual Receiver and Single Transmitter IC. The HI-3593 features an on-chip DC-DC converter which generates both +5V and -5V to supply the bipolar differential voltage levels needed to meet the ARINC 429 Bus levels from a single 3.3V supply voltage.
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